Louisiana Collegiate Intramural Recreational Sports Association
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Tournament Information


What:  LCIRSA State Championship Tournament for Flag Football and Volleyball (Fall) and Basketball and Softball (Spring). The tournament is open to all institutional members of LCIRSA. Any intramural sport team can participate; you do not have to be intramural sport champions.

Where:  This year the tournament will be held on the campus at Louisiana Tech University in Ruston, LA.

When:  Games will begin on Saturday morning, please make sure that you find the location of the fields (game time is forfeit time). There will be a captains meeting Friday night which is mandatory for all team captains to attend.

Entry Fee:  $250.00 per team. Payment is due at the Directors meeting on Friday at noon.

Deadline: Forms are due at noon on Friday of the tournament weekend.

Format:  All teams are guaranteed two (2) games. First round games are pool play. Single elimination tournament play will be determined by team entries and will begin Sunday morning. Team play will begin Saturday morning at 8:00 am. Please make travel plans accordingly. Two teams from each pool will move on to single elimination play.

Registration:  Forms can be printed online. Payment can be mailed directly to host school or delivered at the Directors’ meeting. All team must submit an official registration form and individual waiver of liability. These forms can be mailed or faxed to the host school. Please have these forms turned in by Friday at noon. The roster must include the Intramural Sports administrator verifying the player roster meet eligibility requirements.

Required:  Please bring two sets of uniforms (light and dark) with numbers on the back. All team members must present a valid school ID card or driver’s license at each game. Mesh pennies will be available if needed.

LCIRSA Tournament Rules 


Knowledge of the rules is a prerequisite to playing any game. The same holds true for involvement in the LCIRSA State Tournament. Therefore it is imperative that everyone becomes knowledgeable of the handbook contents. Further, we must look beyond the written rule and understand the spirit and intent of these rules. With this in mind, let us strive to provide each individual with the opportunity to receive an enjoyable tournament experience, one in which they may participate for the love of the sport.


A) Initial team rosters and individually signed participant Informed Consent/Assumption of Risk forms, MUST be submitted to the Tournament Host/Director prior to the team’s first scheduled competition of the tournament. Team rosters will be frozen as of the team’s first scheduled competition.

B) No tournament entries will be accepted after Noon on the Friday prior to the tournament weekend, and all required fees must be paid at this time. Exception: roster addition fees must be paid at the time the change is made.

C) Each institution may enter four teams in the tournament, with a maximum of two (2) teams per division. The Tournament Host may expand the number of team entries in the Men’s, Women’s, and CoRec divisions to two teams per sport, with a maximum of two (2) teams per division.

D) Teams are allowed to pick up a maximum of four (4) players not on the original roster.

Team rosters are limited as follows: (minimum is the amount that has to be paid for)
                                                                    Max.        Min.
    a. Flag Football: Men's/Women's            15             9
                               Co-Rec                          16            10
    b. Volleyball:     Men's/Women's            12             8
                               Co-Rec                          12             8
    c. Softball:         Men's/Women's             15            12
                               Co-Rec                          16            12
    d. Basketball:    Men's/Women's              10            7

F) Coaches and managers must be listed as such on the team roster, and shall NOT count against the roster limit. However, awards will be distributed according to team roster limits.

G) No refunds of tournament fees will be given after the noon on the Friday prior to competition.

H) Each team must have a captain or representative present at the mandatory Captain’s meeting on the Friday evening prior to the tournament. Information pertaining to this meeting will be forwarded to all Directors’.


A) Team Fees:  Entry fees shall be one hundred fifty dollars ($250) per team for all State Tournaments.

B) Any additional or special fees must be approved by the Executive Committee, and only upon written request and justification from the Tournament Host.

C) Insurance (personal injury):  The LCIRSA will not provide personal medical insurance for the participants of State Tournament. This is to be duly noted in the “Informed Consent/ Assumption of Risk” form signed by each participant. It should also be noted that each participant is “strongly recommended” to secure such insurance.


A) All eligibility requirements apply to both participants and managers.

B) Institutional participation is restricted to those with paid memberships prior to competition.

C) O
nly currently enrolled students in on-campus (to include satellite campuses) credit courses may participate in LCIRSA State Tournaments. Students must be enrolled in at least one-third of the credit hours required of a full time student.

D) Participants may play in/on only one sport/team per tournament.

E) Faculty/Staff of a university/college cannot participate.

F) Any current or former intercollegiate athlete is ineligible to participate in his/her sport or its’ associate.

G) No more than two (2) club team members may participate on any one team during the tournament. Enforcement of this rule is on the honor of the Intramural Directors’.

H) Any person having signed a professional contract is ineligible to compete in that sport or its’ associate.

I) Individuals are not allowed to participate in more than five (5) calendar years, all sports inclusive, in state tournaments. Enrollment at more than one school does not supersede this rule.

J) All other eligibility requirements are governed by the respective institution’s intramural sports program.

Not Protected”

A) Each school will be required to send one COMPETENT official for each sport entered in the state competition. When this arrangement cannot be met:
Arrange with another participating school to provide an official to represent your institution. This
       may include a financial arrangement. 
    b. Notify the host institution of the unavailability of your official(s) then pay, prior to the competition,
        fifty dollars ($50.00) per team sport to the host school.
    c. The members of the Competition, Rules and Officials Development committee will determine the
        competency of the officials. If an official is deemed to be incompetent, the school supplying the
        official may be levied the fine post-tournament.

Each official is strongly encouraged to attend all officials’ meeting/clinic on the Friday prior to the tournament. Information pertaining to this meeting is forwarded to all Intramural Directors by the Tournament Host.

C) O
fficials should be prepared, as needed, to work each day of the tournament. This allows the host to schedule officials in order to avoid any conflicts of interest.

D) R
egardless of the sport, all officials shall be paid a minimum rate of $12.00 per game/match.

E) Officials shall be required to furnish the following personal dress and equipment for all state tournaments:
Flag Football: Black and White striped shirt, black shorts/pants, two (2) whistles, two (2) penalty
       flags, one set of ball spotters, down indicator, and a timing device.
Volleyball: Shirt provided by the host school, black shorts/pants, two (2) whistles, and red/yellow
    c. Softball: Powder blue shirt, black shorts/pants, and an indicator.
    d. Basketball: Black and White striped shirt, black shorts/pants, and two (2) whistles.

Officials may refer to the following associations for tournament techniques:
    a. Flag Football: National Intramural Recreational Sports Association (NIRSA)
Volleyball: National High School Federation (NFHS)
Softball: Amateur Softball Association of America (ASA)
    d. B
asketball: National High School Federation (NFHS)


Any individual ejected from competition at a state tournament shall be barred from competition for the duration of the tournament. Further action may be determined by the Appeals Committee.

B) A second of ejection on one team in tournament play shall result in the team being barred from further participation. Any institution having a team eliminated under the provisions of this Section shall forfeit the privilege of entering one team in the sport/division in question for the following year.

C) Any team misconduct or problems will be referred to the Appeals Committee for review. Upon completion of the review, the committee may invoke additional sanctions against the team and/or institution.

“Not Protected”

A) Game/Match time is forfeit time.

B) Teams are recommended to be at the playing site fifteen (15) minutes prior to the start of the game.

C) Any team that forfeits a game is automatically out of consideration for the single elimination tournament.

D) All protests, other than game situations, must be made through an institutional representative. Severe, extenuating circumstances may be addressed by the Appeals Committee.

E) Alcoholic beverages are PROHIBITED while participating in any LCIRSA tournament.

F) Any participant determined to be under the influence of any mind altering substance shall be denied the privilege to participate.

G) Softball:
One-and-One (1-1) count will be in effect for pool and tournament play. The championship games
       will be a Zero-and-Zero (0-0) count.
A game will consist of seven (7) innings or a 65 minute time limit which ever may come first.
All divisions of softball will utilize a 12” softball with a .44 core and 375 lbs of compression. It is
        recommended, but not mandatory, that the ball be yellow in color.
If there is an advantage of 15 runs by teams at the end of the third inning, 12 runs at the end of the
        fourth, or 10 runs at the end of the fifth, the mercy rule will go into effect and the game will be
        declared complete.

Games will consist of two (2) twenty (20) minute halves.
The clock will run continuously in the first half and for the first eighteen (18) minutes of the second
        half. The clock will stop only for time-outs, injuries and undetermined delays. During the last two
        (2) minutes of the second half the clock will return to normal High School clock procedures,
        stopping on all whistles (out-of-bounds, fouls, violations and timeouts)
Overtime periods will consist of a three (3) minute period with the clock stopping in the last minute.
If there is more than a twenty (20) point advantage at or during the last two (2) minutes of the game,
        the Mercy rule will go into effect and the game will be declared complete. Mercy rule will be in
        effect for pool and tournament play.

I) Flag Football:
Games will consist of four (4) twelve (12) minute quarters.
The clock will run continuously for the first twenty two (22) minutes of each half. During the last
        two (2) minutes the clock returning to normal High School stop clock procedures (stopping on all
        incomplete passes, first downs, out-of-bounds, penalties, and time outs).
Overtime will consist of each team getting one possession from the ten (10) yard line.
If there is more than a nineteen (19) point advantage for Men’s and Women’s and a twenty five (25)
        point advantage for Co-Rec  at or during the last two (2) minutes of the game, the Mercy rule will go
        into effect and the game will be declared complete. Mercy rule will be in effect for pool and
        tournament play.

    a. Matches will consist of a best two (2) games of three (3) formats and a one (1) hour time limit.
The first two (2) games will be played to twenty five (25) points and the team must win by two (2)
        points. The third if needed will be played to fifteen (15) points and the team must win by two (2)
        points. The games will be capped at thirty five (35) for the first two (2) games and twenty five (25)
        points for the third.

“Not Protected”

A) All team members must wear matching shirts. The display of offensive material as determined by the Appeals Committee may be prohibited.

B) Teams must have permanently affixed numbers on the back of jerseys that can be clearly seen (Minimum 4”).

C) All participants must wear shoes while participating in LCIRSA state tournaments.

D) No screw in or metal cleats are permitted.

E) A picture ID must be shown by all participants before the start of each competition.

F) The Tournament Host shall supply alternative jerseys in the case that both teams have similar colors. A coin toss will determine who wears the alternative jerseys.


A) Any disciplinary sanctions imposed by the Appeals Committee may be appealed, in writing, to the Executive Board.

B) All such appeals must be filed with the Chairperson of the Executive Board within thirty (30) days following the imposition of the sanctions.

C) T
he Executive Board may either uphold the decision of the Appeals Committee or modify the sanctions at their discretion.

D) Within forty five (45) days of receipt of an appeal, the Executive Board shall forward their ruling, in writing, to both the persons filing the appeal and the chair of the Appeals Committee.

E) Final appeal may be made to the general membership of the LCIRSA within these guidelines:
The intentions to file such an appeal must be made in writing to the Chairperson of the Executive
           Board a minimum of thirty (30) days prior to the next scheduled meeting of the LCIRSA at a state
A letter of support for appeal must be submitted to the Chairperson of the Executive Board by a
           professional member of the LCIRSA from at least two (2) member institutions not involved in the
The appeal shall be placed on the agenda of the next scheduled LCIRSA meeting.
       d. Fifty (50) percent of the members present must vote to hear the appeal on the floor.
       e. A two-thirds (2/3) vote of the members present must vote to hear the appeal on the floor.
       f. All voting shall be by secret ballot and controlled by the Executive Director. Should a conflict of
          interest exist with the Executive Director, the Chairperson of the Executive Board shall appoint
          another person to this responsibility.
No further appeals shall be possible.

“Not Protected”

A) When possible, any returning semi-finalist from the previous tournament shall be separated for pool play.

B) Two teams from the same school shall not be placed in the same pool.

C) Pool position for championship play will be determined by “blind draw” with the #1 and #2 teams from the same pool being placed on opposite sides of the bracket.

D) Whenever possible, a #1 team shall receive a “bye” or play a #2 team in its first round.

E) Whenever possible, teams shall be assigned to three team pools for the first day round robin competition, with the top two teams advancing to single elimination tournament. If a four team pool exists, the top two teams will advance to the tournament.

F) Tie Breaker:
Football, Basketball, and Softball
If a two way tie exists, the tie will be decided by who beat whom in the head-to-head competition.
If a team forfeits, they will be automatically dropped from the single elimination tournament.
       iii. Order of tie-breaker procedures - 3 or more teams:
Defensive points in Head-to-Head competition
Offensive points in Head-to-Head competition
               3. Defensive points in all competitions
    b. Volleyball:
Head-to-Head competitions
Games played in a match (lower the better)
      iii. Point differential
Defensive points given up


A) All participant schools must have a representative at the tournament and at the school’s game sites. Allowances should be made for extenuating circumstances. If a Director must be absent, he/she should be prepared to be call on and have a colleague present on his/her behalf.

B) The university representative is solely responsible for investigating questions raised by its teams concerning protestable actions by another team or officials. The representative is the only person who may file a protest with the Tournament Host.

C) T
he institution or its representative is responsible for securing all entry fees and informed consent/assumption of risk forms for the tournament. No team will be allowed to participate until all financial obligations are met. Please remember that no personal checks will be accepted.

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